One-to-one Total French Immersion

DialoguE enables you to develop your French language skills within a highly intensive programme, where you are not only practising the French language during your training sessions, but also at mealtimes, during coffee breaks and social activities.

Away from the daily stresses, you will be able to work in a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere and devote yourself fully to the study and practice of French.

The Residential Concept

The greatest advantage of a DialoguE residential programme is that from the moment of arrival, you are actively involved in hearing, speaking and living French without any distractions.

You practise your French skills every minute of the day: not only during your one-to-one lessons with your trainer, but also during meals and breaks that are taken with the trainers and other participants. We only welcome a handful of students every week to ensure a high ratio of native-speakers to learners and full personalisation also outside the lessons.

Real French Immersion

At DialoguE, you are treated as a member of the family from morning till night.

This true French immersion allows you  to make remarkable progress.

A French immersion week at DialoguE means 70 hours in the French language at a rate of 14 hours of French per day. And, of course, dreaming in French is not forbidden...

A Friendly French Atmosphere

You are lodged and receive instruction in the DialoguE home. You live in an environment where people are speaking French, the language you wish learn.

This is the ideal way of coming to grips with French culture and to approach the different levels of the French language.

During the excellent meals, breaks, and in the evening you will discover the DialoguE spirit: conviviality, fruitful exchanges, interest and understanding from those who surround you.

You will leave DialoguE richer, not only for having improved your knowledge of French, but also for having spoken in French with people from all parts of the globe.

A Cosy, Comfortable Stay

DialoguE offers all the advantages of a hotel without the inconveniences.

Your individual room has a private bathroom and is equipped with a desk, TV, radio and Wi-Fi connection. To go over your lessons, if you don't have a smartphone, there is a CD audio player and a CD walkman.

With no noisy neighbours, your nights will be peaceful.

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